About Sweetheart Kittens Cattery

  1. Are you a pet shop?

    Absolutely NOT!  We breed and raise our own cats.  Our cats are our pets first before they are breeders.  They all take turns sleeping with us on our beds, and have gender-segregated roam of the house.  It is our dream to build them an enclosed solarium on our patio so that they can bask in the sun and enjoy kitty-suntans!  Our cats and kittens are also extremely dog-friendly. They love our dogs and follow them around everywhere. :D

  2. When do the kittens leave for their new homes?

    We keep our pet kittens until they are 10-12 weeks old.  During harsher weathers and seasons, we tend to keep our kittens a little longer (12-13 weeks), and during milder temperatures, we have let kittens go as early as 10 weeks.  Our kittens are weaned and eat solid foods when they are approximately 5-6 weeks of age.  So why do we keep them longer?  Well, the kittens have lots to learn after their nursing weeks.  They have to master their sassy cat-walk, perfect toilet habits, and grooming skills before leaving the cattery.  The kittens also learn important social skills with people, other cats, and dogs during this "toddler age".  When the kittens arrive to your home, they will be healthy and extremely well-adjusted.  

  3. What do the kittens come with?

    The kittens are given their first set of vaccines before leaving the cattery.  Our kittens are immunized against: Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia Psittaci.  
    They kittens will be treated with Revolution topical flea/parasite medication. This is not because the cattery has fleas. This is just to ensure the kitten stays flea-bite-free after leaving the cattery. The Revolution also helps the kittens repel internal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms.
    Furthermore, if the kitten is being shipped out of state, the kitten will also be vet--checked by our veterinarian to ensure sound health for travel.

  4. Do you ship your kittens?

    We find that this is often a necessity.  Although we prefer local adoptions and pick-ups, the majority of our kitty parents reside out of state.  We ship our kittens with Continental Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.  During extreme temperatures, we use the Continental Airlines Pet Safe Program exclusively.  The cost for shipping is $325.  This covers the vet visit and health certificate, a traveling crate, and of course the airline fee.  We will also hand-deliver our kittens to you for the cost of our plane ticket + pet in-cabin fee ($150) + extra fee for services ($50).  

  5. Do you give out "breeding rights?"

    Breeding cats (or breeding animals in general) has become a controversial stigma in today's society.  The overpopulation of domesticated animals has led to tragedies involving homeless pets unable to fend for themselves outdoors, over-crowding of animal shelters, and euthanization of animals that fail to get adopted.  It is truly truly sad to look into the eyes of those dogs and cats sitting on death-row at shelters nationwide.  
    So what if everyone quits raising and breeding? Will that take care of the over-population of animals? We don't believe so. The world does not involve just human beings. The world is teeming with animals, wild and domesticated (although technically "homeless").  There is just no way to house all of them. The end of breeding will mean the end of all pure-breeds. And if anyone wanted a pet, all that will be available are wild dogs and cats that are trapped, then slowly tamed.
    We believe that responsible breeding is key. Taking premium care of breeding cats and kittens, keeping their health in check and inoculated to prevent disease outbreaks, donating to local private no-kill shelters are naming a few ways to responsible breeding. We at Sweetheart Kittens Cattery try our very best. And to a select few others that share our view, after extensive interview, we will provide full registration for breeding and/or showing.

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