Kitten Application

Sweetheart Kittens Cattery Kitten Application

The submission of our "Kitten Application" is required of all families wishing to adopt a Sweetheart kitten.

Please take time to fill out our application below.  
*What breed of kitten are you looking for? (check all that applies)
Any longhair
Any shorthair
What age of cat/kitten are you interested in?
Baby Kitten (10-14 weeks)
Teenage Kitten (16 weeks and up)
Retired Breeders (1 year & up)
Do you prefer a specific gender?
I don't care
Do you have a size preference?
Teacup/Pixi-sized (TINY - 3-5 pounds mature weight)
Small, but not too small (4-7 pounds mature weight)
Big cuddly teddybear (8 pounds & up)
I don't care about size.
The color of my dream kitten is:
Chinchilla/shaded silver
Chinchilla/shaded golden
Tabby (Tiger)
Silver & White
Golden & White
Darker point Himalayan (seal & blue points)
Light point Himalayan (flame & cream points)

How would you like to be contacted?
Phone - AM
Phone - PM
When are you looking to find your kitten?
ASAP - I want one now
I'm willing to wait for just the right one.
I will specify the range of dates by e-mail.